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Joinery shop founded in 1993, the CAA Group has become, in three decades, one of the main partners of contemporary architects, designers and interior decorators. Its 270 Compagnons carry out in-house studies, manufacture and installation of furniture and fittings that they deliver all over the world. They use all types of solid wood, the panels and their veneer, metals and fine metals, thermoformed resin, all lacquer and varnish finishes as well as a great deal of craftsmanship.

In addition to several fully digital machine parks, the Group has retained the ancestral gestures of traditional cabinetmaking and manufactures furniture, fittings and custom-made works according to the rules of the art.

The CAA Group thus offers, under one roof, one of the largest ranges of decorative and technical resources dedicated to the world of design and interior design.

We offer a 360 ° service, from studies to the installation of structures on their reception site. Each of our production units has its own design office. Our technicians, all experienced, recommend innovative solutions, respectful of the specifications and rigorously meeting the budgetary objectives. They extend their studies to technical, calendar and logistical constraints. Their role as advisers sometimes leads them to offer alternatives of superior quality at equivalent prices. Our budget studies are not based on the sole criterion of the purchase price of materials and equipment: they take into account the operating cost of your future installations, their robustness, their durability … without sacrificing design and aesthetic quality from the whole.

Since its creation in 1993, the CAA Group has chosen to internalize all the studies and now has 9 technical offices. At the head office and in all our subsidiaries, our teams are made up of experienced designers, equipped with the latest generation software. The most famous of them, Top Solid, is directly interfaced with our various 5-axis machining centers. As comfortable on screen as they are on construction sites, our technicians and designers develop recommendations at several levels of analysis, which they translate into sketches, 2D and 3D plans. Some, extremely complex, give birth to remarkable works: identical reproduction of the ship from La Pérouse to the Grand Parc du Puy du Fou, or even these 7 monumental hulls, for # Cloud.Paris.

The CAA Group has workshops dedicated to solid wood, panels and wood-based products, veneer, thermoforming resins, fine metalwork, lacquer and varnish finishes. Our teams of Compagnons are made up of men and women of the art. They are based on constantly upgraded high-performance machinery, enabling them to meet tailor-made unit requests as well as serial production.

Interface between the study phase and production, our Methods Offices organize operations from upstream of the site, in direct contact with the Companions of our workshops. Our teams apply a continuous quality control procedure and environmentally friendly techniques, in particular a reasoned use of the raw material through nesting technology, the limitation and sorting of waste and the elimination of solvents.

The CAA Group itself ensures the delivery and installation of its structures, all over the world. For many years, an important logistics service has enabled it to transport all its products by road, rail, air and sea, or to ensure simultaneous or continuous national deployments, such as all Mercedes-Benz dealerships. and Smart from France.

Scheduling and planning are centralized at the Group’s headquarters. Our Companions intervene under the control of the installation manager as well as the site foremen, according to a precise preparation phase and after control of the reception site. It often happens that our installation teams are supplemented by the Compagnons who have ensured the manufacturing in the workshop.

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