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With 9 subsidiaries around the world, nearly 300 Companions and increasingly numerous references abroad, CAA Agencement has now taken on an international dimension and becomes the CAA Group. Located at the gates of Anjou, the Headquarters houses the Group’s main production units, an integrated purchasing center, and a logistics platform ensuring the delivery of works anywhere in the world. In addition to its industrial resources using the most advanced digital technologies, the Group has been able to preserve and continue to transmit the manual gestures of traditional carpentry, cabinetmaking and contract work.

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An excellent generalist

Respond internally to each aesthetic

The CAA Group chooses, rather than specializing, to be an excellent generalist. Thus, several dedicated workshops coexist under one roof, organized and equipped according to their specificities, types of production and machined materials: solid wood, panels and derivatives, metal, resin, glass … Structured so as to be able to respond, in internally, to most of the needs of contemporary interior architecture, the company is largely open to innovation. Its R&D department monitors diligently: materials, materials and decorative solutions are selected, sampled and tested before being referenced in our material library. The Group emphasizes technology by equipping itself with the latest generation machines: at head office, our panel machining has adopted the Nesting technique, still very little used in France.

The vocation of export

A designer open to the world

Based at the Group’s headquarters, our Export Department is representative of the openness and curiosity that the CAA Group maintains for design and contemporary architecture around the world. Our multilingual architects, technicians and business managers support their French clients abroad, or meet challenges launched by major clients from their countries. Opening up to the world, exploring all its aesthetics, enriches the experience and know-how of our 300 Companions.

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