Our teams 300 Companions united by passion

The management team

A vocation of idea planners

Around the founders Jean-Pierre Louche and Jean-Emmanuel Avril, most of the directors or managers of sites, subsidiaries or departments joined the company from its beginnings in 1993. They share a passion for technicality, design and interior decoration. They themselves are skilled in the art, they have in common a long experience in the woodworking trades and are mainly from the Boulle School. Whether they are based in metropolitan France, overseas departments, in Europe or abroad, their teams collaborate regularly, driven by the values ​​of management skills. With the watchword of the quality of services and services provided to the client, the management team unites, transmits, mutualises and asserts its vocation as an Idea Planner.

The sales team

The practice of a single interlocutor

Each of our subsidiaries has its own team of account managers. Men and women of experience, most of them come from the Boulle School or Compagnonnage. Fitting professionals, they are as comfortable on screen during technical studies as in the workshops during production. With an excellent knowledge of materials and their implementation, they are a source of proposals and know how to respect the specifications. Privileged interlocutors of the MOE, they supervise the estimateers, coordinate the operations and ensure the respect of the technical, budgetary and calendar constraints.

The Studies & Methods teams

The technique, from the screen to the workshop

The CAA Group has around ten Technical Design Offices spread across its subsidiaries. The company’s culture of proximity leads them to collaborate on a daily basis, to pool their experiences and to develop cutting-edge know-how. Well versed in the use of Top Solid, they also handle all the other drawing software and plans. The site opening meetings have the particularity of bringing together the account manager, BET technicians, the Methods Manager and Workshop Fellows in charge of manufacturing. This specific composition of the team guarantees the level of internal information, promotes the conduct of operations and the quality of the final rendering.

Manufacturing teams

In the rules of art

They are fitters, carpenters, cabinet makers, but also welders, polishers, lacquers, varnishers, quantity surveyors or installers. Living forces of production, qualified and highly qualified, these men and women of the Art have accumulated an average of twelve years of presence in the CAA Group and are the pride of their place. From digital machining to manual cutting, from skilful assemblies to serial production, from gluing techniques to the development of finishing formulas, our Compagnons are the hands that extend the Line. Specific workshops, with dedicated machine parks, allow them to use solid wood, panels and derivatives, metal, resin and special products combining different structural or covering materials.

Installation teams

Precise care right up to the reception

The CAA Group itself ensures the delivery and installation of the works entrusted to it. Around the Installation Manager, a team of site managers, site supervisors and installers work all over the world, relying on the integrated logistics of the CAA Group. Our teams are frequently supplemented by Journeymen who have ensured the production in the Workshop. This system, specific to the CAA Group, guarantees high-quality execution on site and promotes the responsiveness of assembly operations. At the end of the reception, the experience feedback feeds the quality management and know-how of the teams, and is shared collectively.

Supports teams

A solid back office

Cross-cutting to the CAA Group and inseparable from the quality of its services, support services actively participate in the orchestration of operations. Upstream of manufacturing, our integrated purchasing center watches over supplies and real-time inventory management via a powerful ERP. It ensures, in conjunction with the account managers and BET technicians, an R&D function. Its daily sourcing feeds one of the largest materials and equipment database on the market. Downstream, our Logistics Department ensures routings and deliveries nationally and internationally. Well versed in customs formalities, he watches over freight from shipment to delivery. More than ten containers use the sea lanes each month from our docks.

Groupe CAA
Groupe CAA