CAA Martinique A strong foothold in the West Indies

A Group born in Ducos 30 years of experience and passion

Historical cradle of the CAA Group, CAA Martinique was born in 1993 in Ducos and has continued to exercise its passion for wood, interior design and joinery since then. The team has 35 Fellow Workshops, most of whom started their careers in the company and pass on to younger people. Our project managers, technicians and designers, buyers, carpenters, installers, works foremen and site managers orchestrate your projects from A to Z, from design to installation. They use all types of solid wood and fine wood materials, panels and derivatives, but also stainless steel, aluminum, resin. They offer specific know-how in glasswork and extend their know-how to fitting mirrors, fine locksmiths, special ceilings or partitions, and the integration of technologies.

Men of Art

Material and technical resources on site

Qualibat certified, the workshop covers 2,000 m2 equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Our fully digital fleet is subject to regular investments ensuring flawless implementations. Continuous control is exercised at all levels: our Companions take the greatest care in cutting, assembling, shaping and assembling, in the workshop or on site. Rigorous business management ensures compliance with technical constraints such as budget and deadlines. A manufacturing in the Rules of the art, an installation attentive to detail, a well-organized organization all contribute to a turnkey service, the quality of which is demonstrated by the loyalty of many contractors: the CHU de la Meynard, the Tour Lumina, the Génipa shopping center or even the most famous Martinican rum factories have entrusted their fittings and furniture to CAA Martinique.

A transversal offer

Driven by 30 years of experience

CAA Martinique responds to any special, tailor-made or complex manufacturing request: glass partitions, false ceilings, acrylic resin structures, non-standard fittings, monumental furniture, complex cladding and coverings, etc. His Companions Cabinetmakers carry out, in the most perfect knowledge of the requirements linked to the climate of the West Indies, traditional work in solid wood of all species: furniture, woodwork, veneer and cladding. All of this cross-functional know-how constitutes an unparalleled local offer, supported by 30 years of experience.

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